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2018 WAMA Wintergrass Suite - Swing Workshop

WAMA is a Nonprofit 501 (c)(3) organization created by a dedicated group of volunteers. Our Mission is “To promote the development, performance, and preservation of American acoustic music.”

Since we are a total volunteer nonprofit organization, we rely on our members and other Acoustic Music Lovers for support and donations to keep our mission going. Check out our whole website. You'll see we have a lot to offer. We are a great organization to support and be a part of!

WAMA has several ways you can support us and have fun at the same time:

  • Make a Donation to WAMA

    WAMA donate button Since WAMA is a Nonprofit 501 (c)(3) organization, donations are our main form of fundraising. At all of our events we have a Donations Jar and gratefully accept cash and check donations. We've also arranged with PayPal to accept donations using PayPal, or with Debit and Credit Cards. Just click on the Donate button on the left or on any of our web pages.

  • Winlock Slow JAM at the Hope Grange

    If you like to play your musical instrument at a JAM, please join us at the Famous Winlock Slow JAM at the Hope Grange near Napavine and Winlock, WA. This JAM is held on the 2nd Saturday of each month between October and May, starting at 1:00 pm. Donations are accepted to help pay for the use of the Hope Grange.

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  • Oakview JAM in Centralia, WA

    WAMA also supports the Oakview JAM in Centralia, WA. This JAM takes place on the Third Friday of the month, October through April. Donations are accepted to help pay for the use of the Oakview Grange.

    See you there!

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  • WAMA is a Sponsor of the annual Wintergrass Music Festival
    at the Hyatt Regency, Bellevue, WA during the last full weekend of February, each year.

    Donate Now button If you are going to this festival, come by and visit our WAMA Hospitality Suite in room 355 at the Hyatt Regency. Throughout the festival, we have great Jamming, Snacks, and some fantastic Showcase Bands in our suite. Check our WAMA fliers placed around the festival areas for more information. Although entry to our suite is FREE, we gladly accept donations to cover the cost of the snacks and the suite, and to support WAMA.

    Please consider donating to the WAMA Wintergrass Hospitality Suite to help us reach our goal.

    Click here to find out more about the WAMA Wintergrass Hospitality Suite

    Click here to find out more about Wintergrass

  • Annual Winlock Pickersfest

    1st Weekend in August

    WAMA has its own acoustic music festival each year at the beautiful Winolequa Park in Winlock, WA. This is truly a labor of love created by the volunteers of WAMA. Our next festival is going to be another FUN and FANTASTIC weekend that you won't want to miss!

    Come to the festival to support WAMA and American Acoustic Music in Washington and the Pacific Northwest. If you are available to volunteer your time working at the festival, you will find it to be a very FUN and REWARDING experience.

    Click here To learn more about Volunteering at the Winlock Pickersfest.

    hand-pointer-right Remember:  With your WAMA membership, you get a great discount on Pickersfest tickets! JOIN TODAY!!!

    Click here to check out the WAMA Pickersfest page.

    Go to the Winlock Pickersfest website to get the full details.
    Click here to visit the Winlock Pickersfest website

    • Make a Donation to Pickersfest

      Pickersfest donate now button Since WAMA is a total volunteer nonprofit organization, the only way we can exist to fulfill our mission is through membership fees, donations, and fundraisers. Since Pickersfest is one of our main fundraising events, we ask you to Please Support Pickersfest in whatever way you can. Your donations and attendance at this event will help us continue to have excellent performances and festival programs.

  • JOIN the Washington Acoustic Music Association (WAMA)

    WAMA Family Membership fees are only $20 per year for an entire household.   Please join and help us grow. Your support is vital for us to continue on our path.


  • BUY WAMA Merchandise

    When you are at a WAMA event, consider buying WAMA Merchandise. We have WAMA and Pickersfest T-Shirts ($20 each), Pick Cards ($4 each), and Logo Stickers ($1 each). These items make great gifts for you, your family, and others while supporting WAMA with its mission. (The Pick Cards and Stickers make fantastic Stocking Stuffers while promoting WAMA to other Acoustic Music Lovers.)

    Go to our Pickersfest website to check out our current WAMA Merchandise.

Please consider joining WAMA Today.

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As a WAMA member, you get a great discount on Pickersfest Tickets!